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    Ashley Graham's First Boyfriend Dumped Her Because He Was Scared She'd Get Fat

    Best revenge is your paper, ladies!

    So Ashley Graham is on the cover of New York magazine, and she looks GORGE AF!!!

    Maurizio Cattelan & Pierpaolo Ferrari

    *dyes hair red and buys leopard coat*

    The curve model got pretty candid about her life as a fashion and beauty icon, and why she hates the label "plus-size."

    Maurizio Cattelan & Pierpaolo Ferrari

    “That’s something I’ve always been told: ‘You’re not good enough because you’re plus-size,’" she said. “I’m not here to ban the word from the dictionary — plenty of women own and love it," but Graham prefers being categorized as a curvy, or curve, model.

    Graham also got personal and recalled the time her first high school boyfriend "broke up with her because he said he was afraid she’d someday be as fat as his mom." The model, who is now married to a successful filmmaker, told the mag, "That really made me hyperaware that I am a big girl, and that’s how people see me."

    Maurizio Cattelan & Pierpaolo Ferrari

    When the history-making Sports Illustrated cover star met her husband, though, they "built up their friendship through 12-hour dates, and no premarital sex."

    Maurizio Cattelan & Pierpaolo Ferrari

    Safe to say that ol' boy from high school is somewhere thinking of what could have been while Graham and her fine-ass man are WINNIIIIIIIING!!!

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    Read her full cover story for New York mag here.