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    12 Things Black Women Have Been Told About Their Hair That May Be Total BS

    STOP co-washing.

    We've all heard of the miracles apple cider vinegar can perform on our hair, and according to natural hair bloggers, coconut oil is the answer to everything wrong in life.

    But, like, is any of this stuff even true?

    BuzzFeed Life spoke with Gwen Jimmere, CEO and founder of Naturalicious, to get the real on these common black haircare myths (or truths).

    Jimmere is also the first African-American woman to hold a patent for a natural hair product. Translation: SHE'S ON HER ISH!

    1. You can use apple cider vinegar as a substitute for shampoo.

    2. You can co-wash instead of shampooing your hair.

    3. A product is OK to use as long as the label reads "all natural."

    4. Spraying ACV on damaged pieces of hair will restore lost curls.

    5. Baking soda can function as a shampoo or conditioner.

    6. Jamaican castor oil will help damaged edges to grow back.

    7. Relaxers are OK in moderation.

    8. Home relaxers are a safer, milder alternative to salon relaxers.

    9. Keeping your ends trimmed promotes hair growth.

    10. Dry scalp and dandruff are the same.

    11. Penetrating oils are great for soothing dry scalp.

    12. The Liquid, Oil, Cream (LOC) Method is great for retaining moisture.

    Here's to healthier hair!