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A French Designer Uses Natural Models For Her New Collection

Natacha Baco says fashion should be universal.

Natacha Baco is a fashion designer from France. Her label is called By Natacha Baco.

Natacha Baco

The label's Muse Collection features exceptionally well tailored dresses and jumpsuits with gorgeous prints and vibrant colors.

Lauriane dress; Vili top, Noeline skirt

Natacha tells BuzzFeed Life that the collection was inspired by the beauty in the things and people around her, especially women.

Diane Audrey Ngako / Via

Fatou dress; Maelys dress

The models don't reflect fashion's norm, a factor that remains consistent in her other collections.

Solange jumpsuit

For Muse, Natacha opted for two black models, both wearing their hair in Afro styles. She tells us that she chose the models and their look to give the style a certain character.

Diane Audrey Ngako / Via

Adrienne top, Lynda skirt

"I think fashion has no color because it should normally be universal," she says to BuzzFeed Life.

Diane Audrey Ngako / Via

Chloe top, Joa Culottes; Naty pants

She also shys away from ultra thin models, as all of them are at least a size 36, which is a U.S. size 4.

Jeanette top, Ivy pants; Zama dress; Fadila dress

Felicia jacket; Solange jumpsuit

Veronique top; Madeleine dress

Suzanne dress; Melocy dress

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