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    7 Powerfully Beautiful Things That Should Be On Every Black Woman's Radar This Week

    Perfect curls, #carefreeblackkids, AND ~bae~ biscuits? YES, PLEASE!

    1. "These Kids Prove Just How Much Representation Matters At The 2016 Olympics"

    2. "How One Creative Is Using Custom Pins To Start Conversations And Display Cultural Pride"

    3. "Gabby Douglas Only Has 1 Job—and It Isn’t to Fix Her Hair to Please You"

    4. Garlic & Herb Cheddar "Bae" Biscuits

    5. "On Survivor’s Remorse, a Fight Over Visibility for Black Women of All Complexions"

    6. "New WhereU App Alerts Users of Nearby Black-Owned Businesses"

    7. Perm Rod Set on Short Hair & Long Hair

    Well, that's all fam! Stay magically beautiful ❤️.