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    7 Affordable Beauty Products You Should Try If You Be Broke As Hell

    Perfect eyeliner for $2.99? *Pulls out $10 and balls TF out!*

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    Hey baes! Essence here again with another beauty and style review. I've got some really good stuff, and nothing is more than $20. There's even an eyeliner in here that I SWEAR by, and it's only $2.99!

    Secret: I used to suck at eyeliner, guys. Like really suuuuuuuuck! I mean, I'd manage to get it on without looking like that Gaga meme, but I had to keep it super simple. None of that wing-tip shit. That is until I bought this Wet n Wild Megaliner, and now I am feel. lin. my. self!!! I’m hella bold, actually extending my eyeliner beyond my lash line. It’s without a doubt the easiest liner that I’ve ever tried, and I’m low-key salty that I didn’t try it a lot sooner. Thinking about all the dates I’ve went on wingless hurts. Deeply.

    For starters, let’s just praise god for this price point. $2.99??? “I’ll actually take three of your finest Wet n Wild Megaliners, ma’am.” —me, every time I’m in Walgreens. On top of the affordability, it actually works. It’s super dark and rich with an easy and smooth application. The applicator is a really fine-point brush, kind of like those felt-tip thingies. I think that’s what helps me to control it. The formula is in this little pot, and you just dip your brush in and apply it. I always wipe the excess liner off on the edge of the pot before applying it to my eyes so things don’t get messy. The brush handle is easy to hold, and it makes the most perfect and straight lines. It’s also easy to make your lines thicker if you want. And when it dries, everything looks so clean and precise. This is def one of my fave — if not my fave — drugstore purchases in a minute.

    Price: $2.99

    No lie, I have about six of these things in random places: my makeup bag, my purse, my bathroom, my beauty closet that was supposed to be a linen closet but is instead filled with makeup and skin-care products. If I don't have have my Rosebud Salve, I legit go into panic mode.

    I typically use it on my lips as a balm. After I cleanse my face and all that good stuff, I scrub my lips with a warm, damp washrag and then put on a coat of the salve. It's a lightweight, non-greasy moisturizer that keeps my lips soft. I especially love it when I'm wearing matte lipsticks. Before putting on a matte, I apply the salve and blot it with a dry towel or kiss my arm to absorb any excess product. It makes all the difference in the world, allowing the lipstick to glide on so much easier. It prevents that chapped, dry feeling, too.

    Another plus to this salve is that it's multipurpose. I am an anti-ash activist and I strongly stand against skin dryness. But every now and then, ya girl slips up and has a chalky-elbow or hand-crevice moment (you know, that little dip area between your thumb and pointer finger). Rosebud Salve has definitely come to my rescue in those times of distress. It works, and it's $6. Enough to keep me sold forever.

    Price: $6

    3. CoverGirl Clean Matte BB Cream For Oily Skin

    4. Coloring Pins

    When I first saw these pins, I immediately went on the site to order all three. Just looking at them brought back so many fond memories, like the fruity smell of Let's Jam! and the questionable aroma of Luster's Pink Oil Moisturizer. I was taken back to all the times the black women in my life demanded that my constantly moving tender head "hold still!" so that they could perfectly part my hair for cornrows. The pins alone are so cute and stylish, and then when I read the inspiration behind them I was like YAAASS!

    The Original pin was inspired by cornrows, a hairstyle started and worn by black people for centuries, while Culture was inspired by the cultural significance of black hairstyles so often appropriated by white media. And GOAT, my personal favorite, pays homage to all the black haircare staples we grew up using. The designer told Blavity that the pins will represent the under and misrepresented.

    I love my pins so much, and I'm buying a new denim jacket just for them! They're not too heavy, which is perfect so that your thin garments don't tear. If you're wearing all three at once, though, I would suggest pinning them to a heavy material, like denim, a really thick tee, or a sweatshirt, so that they don't stretch your clothes over time.

    Price: $9–11 each; $29.50 for a pack.

    5. Black Moon Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick

    6. Too Faced Sketch Marker

    7. Rad Soap Co. Suga-Bubs Moon Candy

    Until next time, my loves. Remember to WERK, and let me know in the comments below what you want me to review next! 😘