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23 Dads And Daughters Doing Some Adorably Cute Stuff

Dads are a girl's best friend.

1. Nothing like enjoying a cold one with the pops.

2. Lookin' good ain't easy. Now hold still!

3. Just having a little jam session.

Seriously, how cute is this interview though?

4. We love a girl who stays camera-ready. Get it together or get cropped, Dad.

5. This superstar was kind enough to take a pic with her biggest fan.

6. Her reaction to her new sibling wasn't quite what her dad expected, but some things just can't wait.

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7. It couldn't possibly get any cooler than this.

8. No cavities here!

9. Check out this double hand grip. Peace be with you, future suitors.

10. "I'll talk, you text. Thanks, Dad."

11. Now THIS is how you work a camera!

And for the days you just wanna stunt like a boss.

12. Bassinet? No, here's good.

13. If you could just scooch over a taaad more...

14. Girls' night is cool, but it has nothing on dad and daughter day!

15. We're going to go ahead and assume her mom hasn't the slightest clue of what's taking place.

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16. Now this guy knows how to treat a lady.

17. This daughter is her daddy's rock as he fights for his health.

18. His enthusiasm makes us wonder whose idea this glam session really was. Looking gorge, big guy!

19. A subtle reminder in case they forget.

20. This dad is celebrating The Big 8-5 with his daughter. His skin though!

21. Little Miss Fix It is showing her dad how to do a woman's work. Her mini tool belt is everything!

22. That moment you smile to keep from crying. *Happy tears*

23. You never, ever stop being daddy's little girl.