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    21 Women Who Prove Bright Makeup Is Better

    In living color.

    1. Bright lips are literally everything on brown girls. Just look at this orange!

    2. And it doesn't matter which shade you are.

    3. You MUST look back at it when you do bold lips!

    4. Every shade of color is divine on brown girls.

    5. Sometimes you need just a splash to shake things up.

    6. Shine bright and embrace every color under the sun.

    7. Whatever you do, DON'T sleep on this yellow wing tip...

    8. Or on Sonjdra! 😍😩

    9. Step outside the box and blend your own combinations.

    10. Remember that a little can go a very long way.

    11. Yellow eyes and teal lips! Who knew?

    12. Just when you think you're doing too much, keep going.

    13. Soft lids and bright red lips are always a win.

    14. Don't shy away from color if you have full lips. Lay. It. Onnnnnn!

    15. GLITTERRRRR! (Mariah is somewhere smiling.)

    16. You can still keep the rest of your look natural with just one touch of color.

    17. The top and bottom lash lines don't have to be matchy-matchy. Use different colors, and if you're really 'bout that life, finish off with a bright lip.

    18. If need be, put the human shtick on pause for a sec and get on your mermaid flow.

    19. Be a rebel and line just the bottom.

    20. Keep it in the family and play with variations of the same color.

    21. Bold eyes and big hair really bring the drama!