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21 Times Afro Puffs Made Us Love Our Curls And Kinks

Even Blue knows what's up.

1. Let's just start with the fact that Blue Ivy wears them.

2. Her mother Beyoncé has also been spotted rocking the timeless 'do.

3. They're so bomb, The Lady of Rage wrote a whole song about them.

4. They look great with a pair of jumbo yellow earrings.

5. How else can you look insanely adorably with pink icing all over your face?

6. The old school style really takes things up a notch when it's time to work those angles.

7. An instant blast from the past when paired with big hoops.

8. When it's time to get fierce--seriously fierce--Afro puffs are the way to go.

9. Minimal makeup + Afro puffs = ❤️

10. Bet you weren't even ready for these braids and yellow barrettes though.

11. We've literally never wanted a twin more than we have in this moment.

12. Oh, just casually laughing in my too cute sailor dress, bright red ribbon and fluffy puffs.

13. Dear '70s, please take us back!

14. They're perfect for when you and your sisters just want to serve cuteness overload.

15. The ultimate nod to femininity.

16. Effortless style for when you have to step out and run light errands—like gathering sand for instance.

17. Red 'fro puffs and wing tips? Yes, please!

18. Hugs are extra special with Afro puffs.

19. They're everything but basic.

20. When you want your style to reflect your pride.

21. Afro puffs are basically just mad fly.

And on that note...