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    21 Relationship Horror Stories That Prove You Can Get Through A Heartbreak

    "I gave myself TIME. I gave myself LOVE."

    Heartbreak sucks, to say the very least, and it can feel like you're going through it all alone. We asked the BuzzFeed Community to open about their personal failed relationships, and like always, they came through with the realness AND some good-ass advice!

    1. Strippers.

    2. Summer love.

    "A guy who started as a summer romance continued with months of dating. He promised to love me forever, and was the first man who had ever really shown me what love was. For my birthday, he wrote me the most beautiful love letter I had ever read. But a week later, he stopped talking to me: wouldn't answer my phone calls, texts, anything. Finally, after a week and a half, he calls me and says we need to talk. We all know what that means. So I went to his house (an hour away) and he said he didn't love me, and that I had fantasized about our relationship. It was the worst moment of my life.

    It took over a year to get over, but what helped the most was the gym. I turned to working out in times of stress and heartache, and I got in the best shape of my life." —emmag4b2459a71

    3. Just "friends."

    "I was with my boyfriend for almost three years, and we were talking about getting engaged. Towards the end of the summer, he started hanging out a lot with a girl, like spending the weekend at his family's vacation home together—just the two of them as 'friends.' He dumped me the next time we saw each other. Of course, they started dating right after our break up.

    I had a friend from college who really helped me through the faze of not feeling good enough as a woman. Several drunken vent sessions and months of piecing myself back together, I realized I was more in love with the idea of marriage than with him." —oywiththepoodlesalready

    4. Dust to side chicks (and cheater BFs).

    5. Cold world.

    "First guy I ever dated said he lost feelings during our freshman winter break. I completely lost it because not only did he break up with me over text, he did it a day after my aunt died of cancer. It was my first ever big heartbreak. He made it harder by avoiding me the rest of the year and even dated my best friend for a while. But I got through it with lots of chocolate, tears, and a bit of therapy. I managed to come out on top. Now I am training to be in the Army and life is a lot better." —headmasterbethsteel

    6. First love.

    "My first boyfriend and I dated for almost two years and had built up an entire friend group around us. When he dumped me out of nowhere, our friends stuck with him. Not to mention my parents were in the midst of a divorce, so I was pretty much a wreck. Then I was convinced by my one remaining friend to join the cross country team. I hate running and sucked at it, but I was surrounded by teammates who supported me, and running gave me an outlet and kept my mind busy. That team frankly saved my life. Happy ending." —maddygracek

    7. Ex texts.

    "I had been living with this guy for two years. We were trying to get pregnant and already talking about marriage. He was about to go see his family for a month, and I was going to go see mine. About two weeks before we left, I found some convos with one of his ex-girlfriends, and some nudes he sent to her. I confronted him and he said they were done, and then he apologized and promised he wanted to grow old with me and all that. We said our goodbyes at the airport, and we were texting each other at all times. Then he stopped.

    I found an Instagram account of him where he'd uploaded pictures with said ex. When I asked if he was cheating, he denied everything. When he came home, he told me he got her pregnant and he was going to marry her. But also, he wanted to be with me (???). I was still talking to him, even after he was married, but eventually I left him and tried not to think about him. I was not ready to date anyone and gave myself some time to enjoy my family, friends, and myself. I travel a lot and I am still not dating, but I am talking to people again. I gave myself TIME. I gave myself LOVE." —ahkclaudiaherrera

    8. Baby daddy.

    9. Fresh start.

    "My last ex broke up with me very surprisingly, and it hurt a lot. What I did first move out of our apartment as soon as possible. I went to my mum's place, then into my own place that I decorated the way I always wanted but couldn't because of him. Then I quit a job where everything reminded me of him and started somewhere fresh. And finally, I went to counseling every other week. It really helped me see my progress and made me put things in perspective. In short: make a fresh start in as many aspects of your life that you can, and don't hesitate to seek out whatever help you might need." —jennyalices

    10. Almost married.

    "We were together for six years and were about to get married when we realized that while we loved each other fiercely and we were best friends, it wouldn't work. We wanted different things out of life. I was devastated since I had lost my love and best friend. I decided I needed a change, a big change, to make a clean break. I moved from Texas to Colorado within the month and it worked like a charm! I couldn't just mope anymore, I had to get out and get a job and figure out how to take care of myself. Four years later I'm married with a baby to the best man I've ever known. Best decision I ever made!" —amishgirl281

    11. Tinder heart.

    "One day I got a message from a girl on Twitter and Facebook telling me that my BF was on tinder. At first I thought I got hacked or something. Then I messaged her back and she sent me screenshots of their messages. In the messages he said he was going to break up with his GF (me) that weekend. He told her he needed another person to ride his Jetski with, the one that I went to pick up with him. He told that girl on Tinder all of my flaws. They dated a week after I broke up with him. I got over him, surely but slowly. This past year I learned to love myself and my body. I started focusing on me and my studies." —marinag475c32979

    12. Text dump.

    13. Me first.

    "She broke our engagement just two months before our wedding. I was seeing a therapist who got me to, for the first time, actually put myself and my needs first."joelf459140e26

    14. Clean break.

    "We were dating for a little over a year when I got a phone call after her therapy appointment. She told me she didn't want to be with me anymore and that she never really loved me. She told me she never wanted to see me again and hung up. I got over it by making a clean break. She would text and I would delete the messages, and I blocked her on social media. The best advice I have is to get rid of them on social media. Write down your feelings. Go places with other people that you used to go to with them to make new and better memories there. It all works out." —kdels

    15. Engaged.

    " All in my first quarter of college, I lost two family members to cancer, started to fail out of my classes, and found out my BF of three years cheated on me with someone at his college. Though he was the one to break it off, he continued to text me about how unhappy he was, and he came home. Once we met in person after six months apart and cleared the water, he said he was leaving her and wanted to work on our relationship. Later that week, he brought the same girl home and got engaged to her after only dating for six months.

    I completely ignored him, and up until recently he would still text me and even try to meet with me while his WIFE and DAUGHTER were at home. I finally told him off, and I couldn't be happier than to be free while he is filled with regret." —ashleymarie1862

    16. California.

    17. Happy Anniversary.

    "I dated this guy for a year when he decided that he didn't want to be with me any longer (two days after our anniversary). Honestly, at first I was completely devastated and just waiting for him to change his mind, but I started spending time with friends and enjoying my time as opposed to living for him. After letting myself have fun, I realized how toxic the relationship really was, and I am currently involved with someone who I can truly be myself around." —d4d987f33f

    18. Dead weight.

    "We had been dating for a little over a year and living together when he proposed on my birthday. Several months later, the Friday before Christmas, I found out my mom needed open heart surgery. Two hours later, my fiancé picked a fight with me and ended things in a Barnes and Noble parking lot. He originally stated the reason for ending things was because I hadn't lost enough weight after we got engaged. A few weeks later he told me it was because he had been dating (and sleeping with) one of his coworkers for about 2 1/2 months. I couldn't have gotten through it without my family and friends. I also allowed myself to feel sad and cry when I needed to, but then I'd focus on moving forward. I took myself on a solo vacation to England. I thought my world was over, but things are so much better now than I ever thought they could be." —theresad4f18a0f2a,

    19. Seven years.

    "My relationship of seven years ended completely out of the blue. He cut me out of his life and acted like our relationship never happened, which made trying to move on 10-times harder. Time truly does heal because slowly, and most of the time deathly slow, I found myself thinking of the pain I was feeling less and less and found myself channeling that into my most creative outlets, like art, drawing, painting, and just doodling. I found a new passion for power lifting and working out. I began hitting the gym four days a week to physically work out my aggression and frustration with how bad the relationship had ended. It's been without a doubt the hardest eight months of my life, but slow but surely, it's gotten a little easier to let go of the pain." —aidagrace

    20. Misguided fear.

    "My breakup happened fairly recently, actually. This boy and I were friends for years, and eventually, it turned into a relationship. I grew very close to him, but I broke things off. At the time, I thought it was the right thing to do, but now I know it was me falling into my life-long habit of pushing people away when things get hard. Though we agreed to be friends, it didn't really work out. I lost one of the people I hold closest to my heart because of my own stupidity, and I can hardly go even an hour without thinking of him. I haven't really moved on, but I manage the pain and work so damn hard to grow from it. Professionally, I am at the height of my success, and am working on my inner demons. I'll be damned if I rob myself of happiness, or hurt someone I love because of misguided fear. Never again." —gandules

    21. Baby boy joy.

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