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    21 Quick Kid Hairstyles For Extremely Busy Parents

    Who wouldn't want cupcake pigtails?

    1. Ribbon Braid Sock Bun

    2. Laced Fishtail Tieback

    3. Elsa-Inspired Faux Braid

    4. Side Cornrows With Two Strand Twists

    5. Bantu Knot-Out

    6. Mohawk

    7. Bangs and Bow

    8. Cupcake Pigtails

    Level of Difficulty: Easy

    Skills Required: None

    This style is perfect for your little one's birthday. See how easy it is here.

    9. Twist'n'Bun

    Level of Difficulty: Hard

    Skills Required: Flat twisting

    *Tutorial demonstrates alternative if you can't flat twist.

    The Twist'n'Bun can be worn multiple ways. See what you'll need to get the look here, and then watch the demo.

    10. Minnie Mouse Buns

    11. Afro

    12. Braidless Braids

    13. Bun-Hawk

    14. Crown Twist Braid

    15. Short Hair Bob

    16. Half Updo

    17. Feather Waterfall & Ladder Braid Combo

    18. Puffy Pompadour with Side Dutch Braids

    19. Finger Coils

    20. Colorful Hair

    Level of Difficulty: Easy

    Skills Required: none

    There are temporary color options if your kid is desperate to go green. Try dyeing with Kool-Aid or hair chalk.

    21. Flat Twists Into Fro