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Updated on Aug 31, 2020. Posted on Jan 25, 2016

21 Valid Arguments That Prove Jealous Girlfriends Are Actually The Best

Love > pride.

1. Our stress levels stay at a minimum because we get out all of our hurt and anger.

@mindofjson / Via

2. You never have to worry about feeling unheard because our listening skills are on point.

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3. We're very perceptive and know when it's time to move on.

@jeveryday90 / Via

4. We have the utmost confidence in your ability to fix the impossible.

@ teenagerslifeishard / Via

5. And it's not that we don't trust you, we just don't trust everyone else.

6. Because we don't put anything past anybody.

@jeveryday90 / Via

Trust no one.

7. We never make accusations unless we're certain.

@teenagerslifeishard / Via

8. Giving up is never an option...

@tripping_over / Via

9. Because there is literally no greater feeling than victory.

@hugsnkissesxo1 / Via

10. Taking initiative is one of our strongest qualities, so we're always two steps ahead.

@supagrlza / Via

No girlfriend left behind.

11. We believe in having a sense of humor because the world is already full of irrational people.

12. So sometimes we ask you what we already know, just for laughs.

@__random_thangs__ / Via

13. We have a keen eye for detail, so nothing ever goes unnoticed.

@rhagerella / Via

14. And by nothing, we mean nothing.

@dblock325_ / Via

15. But we're also really into personal space and boundaries.

@mindofjson / Via

16. We love you enough to let you know when you're being rude.

@relatableshi.t / Via

17. Even though we're super strong, it still hurts our feelings when you overreact.

@fuckboyfailures / Via

18. Our judgment of character is great, so we surround ourselves with loving, loyal friends.

19. We're basically one of a kind, and you'll never meet anyone like us.

@mindofjson / Via

20. And no matter how tough it gets, we never give up on love.

@yanewstepmom / Via

21. Even if it means being the bigger person and apologizing to make things right.

@jeveryday90 / Via

Love over pride. All day, every day!!!

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