21 Amazing Gifts For People Who Are Totally Obsessed With Their Hair

    Show your mane squeeze some luvin.

    1. For your friend who's into bugs and shit:

    2. And the friend who only does vintage:

    3. For the tattoo addict who'd ink everything if they could:

    4. And the weave slayer who needs to soothe that scalp:

    5. For the one who's always rushing:

    6. And we all have at least one with a (creepy) cat obsession:

    7. For the health nut who's all organic everything:

    8. Gotta show love to your stylist who's about that life:

    9. Also to your friend who's not that big on sharing:

    10. For the pal whose strands need some saving:

    11. A little something for the homegirl whose brush you never wanna borrow:

    12. For your curl friend whose struggle is too real:

    13. Can't forget the homie with commitment issues:

    14. Or the one who loves a good spa day:

    15. For the natural who likes her curls to pop:

    16. For the fashionista who doesn't believe in bad hair days:

    17. And the buddy who's never been one to sacrifice style for warmth:

    18. For the sister who's always stealing your products:

    19. For the natural hair product junkie:

    Ooo La Locks Hair Box for kinky/coily edition, curly/wavy edition; $49.99

    20. For the jetsetter who's always on the go:

    21. And for the gadget hoarder whose behavior you're enabling with this gift:

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