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19 #TallGirlTwitter Tweets That'll Make You Proud To Be Tall AF

For every girl ever victimized by high-waters.

1. So every woman whose jeans always fit like capris as a child has officially been redeemed, thanks to #TallGirlTwitter!

When #TallGirlTwitter is trending and you're a tall girl😜

Twitter: @OnaC_Udoh


3. Long-ass legs are shutting down people's timelines...

Yes I love my long legs ❤️ #TallGirlTwitter

Twitter: @iamjennifer

4. And making them reevaluate their relationships.

5. The wisdom being dropped is honestly just next-level.

6. And the slayage is giving LIFE!

7. Long overdue credit is finally being given.

'Bout time.
Twitter: @sulibreaks

'Bout time.

8. It's an overflow of beauty and genius 😍😍😍

9. And naturally, thirst levels are at an all-time high.

Not mad at this #TallGirlTwitter movement right now on the timeline

Twitter: @BosNaud

10. Guys who didn't make varsity have officially been given a second shot!

11. Because, you know.

12. We're basically just making the world a better place.

13. So 👏 many 👏 role 👏 models 👏

14. And friends who literally pick you up when you're down.

When someone under 6 feet tries to flourish in the #TallGirlTwitter hashtag 😭

Twitter: @MatthewACherry

*moment of silence for anyone ever friend-zoned for not measuring up*

15. #TallGirlTwitter is legit restoring faith in these streets!

#TallGirlTwitter & #ThickGirlTwitter at once. I serve an all powerful God

Twitter: @_RodTheGod_

16. You know it's lit when Liberty wanna rep.

17. These works of art are reminding people how beautiful the world actually is.

18. So take a moment to appreciate this blessing you hath received.

19. Warning, though: Such beauty can be dangerous.

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