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    19 People Who Prove Rainbow Eyebrows Are Insanely Gorgeous

    Because regular is so blah.

    1. Literally, everyone who's anyone is coloring in their brows right now.

    2. The only thing you need is ultimate confidence!

    3. They look amazing drenched in blue.

    4. Don't be scared to try out your bold brows with even bolder hair, either.

    5. Or, you can keep it soft and sweet with a frosty lilac.

    6. Who knew that all green everything could look so edgy?

    7. Or that all blue could be this cute?

    8. Tap into your inner unicorn and do a royal purple.

    9. Red brows will totally amp up your silver mane.

    10. You may even find that your flower child and badass sides complement each other quite well.

    11. If you can't decide on a hue, choose a few and get your colorblock on.

    12. A natural face makes the color pop even more.

    13. Yellow brows are the perfect way to give your day a little brightness!

    14. Orange will do the trick, too.

    15. Get real fancy and try a little ombre.

    16. For the autumn season, jewel tones look absolutely beautiful.

    17. You don't have to keep everything bright, either. Try a dark lip with a shimmery brow.

    18. So if you're not up on game, the time is now.

    19. Because if he's doing it, you KNOW it's a thing!