17 Relatable AF Kris Jenner Memes That'll Make You Go "So Me!"

    When you realize you and K.J. are basically the same person, except she's rich.

    1. When you put off a ~kinda~ important thing for a REALLY important thing:

    2. ...because you realize most people work too hard and you're determined to actually enjoy your life:

    3. When you realize you're actually really financially stable:

    When u thought u only had $5 left in ur bank account but check and actually have $25.32

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    4. ...and you reward yourself because you don't do it often and you deserve it:

    5. But then you overdo it and have an internal panic attack:

    6. When all those years of Where's Waldo? were preparing you for something greater:

    7. ...but they didn't prepare you for how to deal after finding tragedy:

    8. So you move on with life in the most healthy way you know how:

    9. And you even try to get out and mingle but quickly realize sulking is actually better:

    10. When you finally heal and the universe makes sure you don't return to your old ways:

    11. So you start doing grown shit, like getting proper rest, and judging your friends who aren't as mature as you:

    12. When bad things keep happening to you, and you legit don't know why:

    13. 'Cause you're really, really trying to get your life together, but nothing is working:

    14. So you just accept your defeat and take your L with grace:

    My whole life is goin downhill and I'm just like

    15. But then you remember the lyrics to "Survivor," dust yourself off, and work harder:

    16. And things get worse before they get better, because that's life:

    17. But everything eventually works out and you remember it doesn't matter where you were yesterday — it's about where you're going today: