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    17 Times Issa And Molly From "Insecure" Were Every Black Girl Friendship

    Basically, every time they called each other bitch.

    The first season of Insecure is over, so you're probably wallowing in sadness until its return. Here are some Issa and Molly moments that are SO you and your bestie to make you feel better in the meantime.

    1. When it was supposed to be Issa's b-day celebration, but she insisted Molly vent her troubles.

    2. And then when she helped her get to the root of all her man woes.

    3. When Molly knew Issa better than Issa knew herself.

    4. That time they scheduled an emergency chat during work hours to talk about things that just couldn't wait 'til 5:00 P.M.

    5. When Issa thought open mic night was the perfect time to rap about Molly's broken pussy, and then they made up over junk food.

    6. When they were tight enough to share with each other the most vivid details of their fantasies.

    7. When Issa extended her stay at Molly's house without any of her essentials.

    8. All the times their voices went up an octave to say, "YOU RIGHT!"

    9. When Molly loved Issa enough to check her about entertaining side-dude Daniel.

    10. When it was a judge-free zone and Molly's response after Issa told her about cheating on Lawrence was this.

    11. That time Molly intercepted what could have been a fashion tragedy for Issa.

    12. When Issa subtly recommended much-needed therapy to Molly, even though she knew it'd make Molly upset.

    13. And when Molly, upset and all, still checked side-dude Daniel and gave him the "I will destroy you if you cause a scene at my friend's event" face.

    14. When Issa got way too real and called Molly out on her self-sabotaging patterns.

    15. Also, when Molly got way too real and called Issa out on her self-sabotaging patterns.

    16. When they were REALLY mad at each other, but Issa still shut down their other friends when they came for Molly.

    17. And when they made up, and Molly let Issa cry on her lap... outside... on a couch that was probably crawling with all sorts of bugs.