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17 Ridiculously Gorgeous Dolls That'll Help Your Daughter Feel Good About Herself

Here's to a better childhood than we had.

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2. We're so here for the colorful range of doll hearing aids by Makie Labs.


7. The Disney Princess Merida doll from Brave has the most gorgeous thick red hair.


9. Kennedy is the "outspoken advocate" doll from Naturally Perfect, and her curls are POPPIN'!

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Naturally Perfect has a variety of dolls of color, and you can shop more outfits for them in the online shop. There's also this haircare guide so that kids can practice styling their doll's natural hair.

Get her here for $84.99.


14. The beautiful Brazil Barbie's hair has volume for days. Also, round of applause for whatever shade of red lipstick she's wearing.

See more from Barbie's South American Dolls of the World collection here, and check out other parts of the world here.

Get her here for $29.95.