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    17 Ridiculously Gorgeous Dolls That'll Help Your Daughter Feel Good About Herself

    Here's to a better childhood than we had.

    1. Lammily Marks has acne, cellulite, stretch marks, and other sticker patches for dolls because ain't nobody perfect.

    2. We're so here for the colorful range of doll hearing aids by Makie Labs.

    3. If a kid has ever needed a Madam Alexander's Wendy for President doll, it's NOW!

    4. PlayTime Princess Asian Flower may just be the most adorable doll we've ever seen.

    5. This Barbie Fashionistas Doll is stylish, curvy, and stunning!

    6. A doll by the name of Maisha just snatched all our edges, and we don't even care.

    7. The Disney Princess Merida doll from Brave has the most gorgeous thick red hair.

    8. Beauty is a seven-inch pocket-sized doll who's managed to get her hair just as lustrous as the women's in Garnier commercials.

    9. Kennedy is the "outspoken advocate" doll from Naturally Perfect, and her curls are POPPIN'!

    10. We really need to talk about South Pacific Princess Moana's skincare regimen tho. #MelaninTooLitty

    11. This is not a drill! India Barbie is SLAYING in her gold sari.

    12. The Speaking Aamina doll is a bilingual baddie who knows Arabic and English.

    13. Shouts out to American Doll for devices like this wheel chair for dolls with disabilities.

    14. The beautiful Brazil Barbie's hair has volume for days. Also, round of applause for whatever shade of red lipstick she's wearing.

    15. The Our Generation Hair Grow Flora doll is giving us some effortless, I-didn't-try-to-be-this-cute vibes, and it's greatly appreciated.

    16. We'd legit wear Groovy Girls Mini Oki's skirt IRL.

    17. Coralee - A Baby's First Lovey Doll because gotta put 'em on that self-love game early!