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Here Are Some Valid Arguments That Prove #SkinnyGirlProblems Are Actually Kinda Lit

So you can't fill out a dress like Amber Rose, but you CAN make a mean belt hole.

1. Nobody can really eff with our DIY game.

2. And we can hold our breaths like nobody's business.

3. We're superheroes whose body parts can turn into weapons in potentially dangerous situations.

4. Like in a crowded club, for example.

5. Our clapback game is also next level.

#growingupskinny Person: Damn, you need to eat a burger! Me: WHAT DO YOU THINK I EAT ALL DAY-

6. And sometimes we don't even have to talk because our stare down skills are so vicious.

7. We challenge fashion norms, like all the time.

8. And beauty standards, too.

9. We get a cool sneak peek of what we'd look like pregnant after every meal.

#GrowingUpSkinny telling people that you're not pregnant its because you just got done eating

10. We're SUPER in touch with our feelings.

#GrowingUpSkinny people be thinking you're lying when you say it hurts when they tickle you... stabbing you in yo…

11. And we can work for even the most difficult bosses because we've been getting confusing directions our whole lives.

"You need to eat more!!" When I eat more .... "Dang slow down!!" #Growingupskinny

12. We're exceptionally good at listening to feedback from others, too.

"Well maybe if you ate more" "I can see your bones" " just eat a lot then you'll gain weight" #GrowingUpSkinny

13. We're musically inclined and have this unique ability to relate to lyrics that aren't even about us.

14. And even when we're ready to give up on our dreams...

15. Our ambition kicks in and we remember that ANYTHING is possible.

16. Even twerking like Amber Rose and Blac Chyna!