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15 Things You Should Probably Definitely Not Say To Dark-Skinned Black Women

"Pretty for a dark-skinned girl" is NOT a compliment.

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1. "We don't have your shade, but if you mix these two..."

2. "You're so pretty for a dark-skinned girl."

3. "But you'd be REALLY pretty if you were light-skinned!"

4. "Your skin's so beautiful, like chocolate!" / Via

Thanks, but the food comparisons every time is a bit much. Do you call light-skinned girls vanilla? Exactly.

5. "You look so exotic! Where are you from?"

FOX / Via

6. "You would have BEAUTIFUL babies with a white man!"

7. "Blonde doesn't look good on dark skin."

8. "Have you tried skin bleaching?"

9. "I don't really date dark-skinned women."

10. "Light-skinned women are just more my preference."

The unbothered-well-keep-it-moving face.

11. "You better stay out of the sun before you get blacker."

12. "Dark-skinned women can't wear red lipstick."

13. "Or any bright colors, for that matter."

14. "Why do dark-skinned women have attitude problems?"

15. "You're so pretty! Are you sure you're just black?"

Can you just, like, stop? Thanks!

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