15 Wash Day Struggles Only Women With Natural Hair Will Understand

    Has anyone seen my jumbo comb?

    1. First, there's the anxiety attack leading up to #washday because the thought alone is a nightmare.

    2. Your kitchen counter looks like a Food Lion-Sally Beauty Supply fusion.

    3. You're constantly trying to stop bobby pins, car keys, and other lost valuables from going down the drain.

    4. You have trust issues because some heathen lied and said you only needed a "dime-sized" amount of conditioner.

    5. And because the universe has clearly conspired against you, you never realize you're low on conditioner until you've already washed your hair.

    6. Detangling has your arms looking like First Lady O's, but the rest of your body is still a mystery.

    7. You swear every YouTube vlogger practices witchcraft because detangling should never be that easy.

    8. That one reeeallyyy good wide-toothed comb always goes missing as if this isn't the most important day of your life.

    9. Your squad waits half way through your Celie plaits to decide they wanna go out.

    10. And when they text "Just do a wash and go!", you have angry feelings that you really aren't equipped to deal with.

    11. You have to ignore Bae's FaceTime because you look something like this:

    12. Errands are never a thing until, of course, the one day you've set aside for washing your hair.

    13. You look like you just bathed in Soul Glo because water is constantly trickling down your neck.

    14. All hopes and dreams of rocking a twistout are shattered when you wake up and find that your hair still isn't dry.

    15. But then your faith is restored because you can just slick it up into a puff... until you discover you're out of Shea butter and edge control.

    No matter how real the struggle gets, though, know that you're not alone.