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15 Super Easy Protective Styles That Anyone Can Do

Because the struggle is too real.

If hours of watching YouTube tutorials on protective styling leave you feeling something like this... are not alone.

Cornrows and flat twists are common protective style options, but they require a lot of patience and even more practice.

If you find yourself challenged in this area, try these amazing protective styles that won't require your poor fingers get all cramped and achy.

1. Go classic with a bun. If your hair is fine, you can always stuff your bun with braiding hair for more fullness. / Via

This tutorial only takes four minutes.

2. Try a roll and tuck. Deep-part your favorite side, and roll your curls upward all the way around. Loosely secure with bobby pins for a romantic touch.

Try it using these simple steps.

3. A colorful turban is a trendy statement and the answer to giving your hair a break.

Check out this easy turban-tying tutorial.

4. Wrapping Marley hair around your bun will add fun texture.

See how she got the look here.

5. Can you believe these are clip-ins? If you want freely swinging curls, natural-looking clip extensions are the way to go.

Try CurlSistas hair, and use the clip-ins install video as a guide.

6. Give this cute pompadour a go. Roll and tuck the back, and finish off with a pompadour.

See her step-by-step demo here.

7. Bantu knots adorned with a gold headpiece really add a regal flair.

This tutorial makes bantu knots look easy.

8. How about some two-strand twists? While your hair is wet, do individual twists with your favorite moisturizing product.

See how you can make it two styles in one here.

9. Create a loose bun with a few curls left out for an effortless look. Lay those baby hairs for extra fleekage.

See here for a guide to mastering your edges.

10. You can always go with a wig, too, if you really want to rest your curls.

Heat Free Hair has quality wigs and wefts. Watch as they install the "For Kurls" unit.

11. Try a chunky bun. Re-create this look by pulling the hair back into a ponytail. Two-strand twist individual sections and then tuck them under the ponytail holder or secure them with pins.

Check out the "chunky bun" tutorial for all the details.

12. Twists with extensions will give you several months of freedom from styling your hair.

Still cleanse your scalp and condition the hair as you would your own.

This step-by-step video really breaks it down.

13. Single twists can be worn in a bun to switch up your style.

The bun is also an option when your twists are starting to puff at the roots but you want to keep them in a little while longer.

Give it a try after watching this quick demonstration.

14. Remix the childhood signature Afro puffs and turn them into Afro balls by tucking the ends.

These simple steps make it fail-proof.

15. And finally, give your hair a rest with a back tuck. Part your hair in the middle and pin a roll in the back.

This time-saver only takes two minutes. Try it here.

Your options are endless!

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