11 Life-Changing Hairstyles To Rock When Your New Growth Has No Chill

    Not today, edges. Not today.

    A fresh relaxer will have you feeling yourself something liiike:

    But that new growth has a way of bringing your spirit down from 100 to 0 real quick.

    New growth doesn't always mean it's time for another relaxer, though, so here are few styles to try the next time your roots and edges have absolutely no chill.

    Licensed cosmetologist Lisa Akbari suggests getting hair relaxers no sooner than every 10 weeks.

    1. Faux Halo Braid

    2. Defined Heatless Curls

    3. High Bun

    A high bun created with additional synthetic or human hair takes about five minutes, and it's a great way to hide your budding new growth.

    For a more relaxed look, like LakiaStar's, use straight hair and a strong holding gel around your edges. Traeh does a more textured look using Marley hair, which is great if you have a lot of new growth.

    4. Braided Crown Bun

    5. Curly Twisted Pin-Up

    6. Goddess Braids

    7. Straight Blow Out

    8. Textured Blow Out

    9. Crochet Braids

    10. Braid Out

    11. Full Wig

    May your edges never try your life again!