• none_of_your_business

      While I appreciate the need to call attention to physical violence against women most women face violence from people they know, not strangers. Getting rape or getting beaten are much more likely to be done by close friends or family, not the cab driver. And as others have pointed out, the kinds of situations portrayed in this video are equally, if not more so, dangerous for men, who might not get raped, but will get beaten. Physical violence among men is much more accepted and thus much more likely to occur in a public setting.

      Women also face a lot of non-violent sexism as well. For instance, we can’t ask too many questions because we seem dumb, we can’t dress too well at the office because people might think we’re just ditzes interested in clothes, we can’t take charge because we’ll be called a bitch, it’s harder for us to get promoted just because we have vaginas. I’m not trying to downplay the physical violence women face, but it would be nice for buzzfeed to acknowledge that sexism has many forms (including how sexism hurts men as well—and I’m not talking about man-hating feminists, but that expectations about masculinity (and femininity) are extremely damaging for men).

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