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    11 Cool Things About GIS Day (Besides Cake)

    November 19 is GIS Day when millions of people celebrate maps by (among other things) eating cake. And millions more people wonder, "what the heck is GIS Day?!" and "can I have a piece of cake?!" Here are some reasons you should get in on the festivities.

    1. Be Aware

    2. Take a #GISDaySelfie

    3. Break EsriGram

    4. Smell Around the World

    5. Count Wallabies

    6. Sample the Geography of Food

    7. See How Maps Solve Problems

    8. Hangout with Geogeeks All Day

    9. Clean Up Graffiti

    10. Love LA, Learn LA

    11. Get into Math & Science

    12. OK Fine, Eat Cake.