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    Don't Be Left Out! 10 Reasons To Attend Esri DevSummit

    Once a year the most spectacular event for GIS developers happens in California. Thousands come to learn about the latest geospatial tech, share their cool apps, and let loose in Palm Springs. See what makes Esri DevSummit the world's largest geodeveloper conference.

    1. Meet Other Geodevs


    Java, Ruby, Python...No matter what language you speak you'll pick up new tricks for coding cutting-edge apps.

    2. Touch Stuff


    Hands-on learning is always better, right? DevSummit isn't about sitting in an auditorium all day--it's about moving around, trying new programs, and getting ideas for creating new apps.

    3. (Actually) Connect


    Nothing beats the energy of seeing your old friends and meeting new ones. The opening reception is a wonderful way to get some real face time.

    4. Strike Up Inspiration


    What are Lightning Talks? They're like Tweets for conferences. We kick you off after 5 minutes.

    5. Speedgeeking


    "Hi, my name is Chad. I like long walks on the beach, love to laugh, and I really want to get your source code."

    6. Dunk-a-Dev


    Because you didn't get that much needed update sooner.

    7. Meet the Maker


    Got a question that doesn't fit in a forum? Esri developers will be around all week to answer your toughest questions.

    8. Write Code Poolside


    It's in Palm Springs and 82º F. Enough said.

    9. Ain't No Party like a DevSummit Party


    All the Hangar 24 craft beer you can responsibly drink.

    10. Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Dev!


    If you can write code, you dodge a ball. Right?

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