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    8 Apps You Need To Look #Likeaboss At Work

    Right in your pocket there's a better way to get your work done while you impress coworkers and execs (bonus!). These eight new apps from the smart people at Esri—the company that specializes in mapping and location-based intelligence—will make you the talk of the water cooler.

    1. Be the one who knows.

    Via Flickr: janet

    "Location-based intelligence" is something bosses boast about. Now you can too. Use the Esri Insights app to be the cool and futuristic know-it-all type. Give this app a location and it gives you information about demographics, consumer spending, wealth, poverty, lifestyle, and landscape. Say "hello" to bragging rights.

    2. Spreadsheets are so yesterday.

    If you covet the corner office, make an interactive map of your Excel data! The Esri Maps for Office app lets you take mind-numbing spreadsheets and turn them into crowd-pleasing maps. You can share these oh so cool maps at your next PowerPoint presentations or on ArcGIS Online.

    3. Such a good helper.


    Every great leader has the heart of a philanthropist. Now it's easier for you to do your good deeds. The Esri Community Analyst app helps you find the people who need help, and gives you tools to manage your resources and set priorities—gotta have priorities!

    4. Check in on some folks.

    See what's going on everywhere, with everyone and everything. Monitor services, deliveries, people, vehicles, and events using the Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS app. Even better, you can do this from your office or a chaise lounge in the tropics. Aloha big data!

    5. Everyone loves a good plan.


    Bosses know about the next big thing and geodesign is it! The GeoPlanner for ArcGIS app is for landscape architects, urban planners, scientists, students, policy makers… the list goes on. Now you can organize data, look at different scenarios, and manage your whole process. Prepare to be known as a master planner.

    6. Hunt and gather, made modern.


    Use the Collector for ArcGIS next time you're on a super important assignment in "the field." You can document damage reports or service requests, etc. Add pics and videos (or even very boss-like selfies) to your maps. Prepare for "oohs" and "ahhs" when you share the fruits of your hunting-and-gathering labor with everyone back at the office.

    7. Be a Customer Magnet.

    Consumerism is real. So is consumer data. That's why this app is so popular and you will be too: Esri Business Analyst Online. You can find out so much about your potential customers, like their lifestyles and spending habits, plus info about other (possibly competing) businesses in your area.

    8. There’s a map for that!

    Your company has maps. Tons of maps. Now search them like only a boss would do... from the Explorer for ArcGIS app. You can sketch on top of a map and text or email that to other people. Say, for example, you manage your city's public safety assets (nice!), you can sketch and highlight which city water hydrants need repair and schedule that maintenance work, you guessed it, #likeaboss.

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