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39 Geogeeks Who Ruled Instagram On #GISDay

International GIS Day is a worldwide event celebrating awareness about geography and the awesome power of GIS (Geographic Information Systems). GIS combines maps, data, and many fields of science to create a better understanding of our world. These talented individuals solve world problems, big and small, with the power of GIS!

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2. @eiglesiasg26 representing Esri Panama

3. @migs_maps from Honolulu, HI proving science is cool

4. @ilyankac from Caracas, Venezuela doing remote sensing the old fashion way

5. @budowlankaino taking a #GISDayselfie with friends in Torún, Poland

6. @grahamavard saying hi from New South Wales, Australia

7. Our friends @openware_kw in Kuwait and their great GIS Day event

8. @anamariaflorea95 checking in from Timisoara, Romania

9. @mmbetm and his crew from Kuwait

11. @rizkindrap and classmates from Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology, Indonesia

12. @mohamedfathy85 from Doha, Qatar

13. @baniidham and friends in Bali, Indonesia

14. @adlushenka and her BFF from Olomouc, Czech Republic

15. @erigul and fellow geodesign students from Philadelphia University

16. @sevatson in Dubai, UAE

17. @valerijajevt and little mappers in Lithuania

18. @amandastanko showing off her geogeek swag in Phoenix, AZ

19. @plantivore from Las Vegas, NV with his first map (congratulations!)

20. @juliaaridd and freinds from Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada

21. @wellromao from Departamento de Geografia UFC from Fortaleza, Brazil

22. @abbycurt and her friend for University of Toledo

24. @toryw and the GIS Day M&M in Redlands, CA

25. @adgealleg making an Instagram map for Blueraster in Virginia

26. @kietzc from Minnesota State University, Mankato (nice map!)

27. @thedoolittle and the wild GIS Day horses of Esri Redlands

28. @maratshag_05 and friends from Geoken LLP in Almaty, Kazakhstan

29. @youlatoe reporting for @ListenMi News in Jamaica

30. @z_o_r_i_o_n_a keeping it classy in Ukraine

31. @britgeosurvey winning 3 of the Big 5 AGI Awards (Association of Geographic Information)

32. @tomatopurl and her Mississippi Watershed Report Card project

33. @puguiss with a classic #GISDayselfie en México

34. @oscarmonell looking dapper in Sweden

35. @angieakatiki and students at LA's GIS Day celebration

36. @petaearle killing it with his map shirt (good camouflage)

37. @ummhi2u hanging out with Jack in LA

38. @shaniboo17 and the talented @bayctok in Jamaica

39. @continental_mapping in Sun Prairie, WI (I think we all feel this way sometimes)

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For more fun and the coolest stuff from Esri follow us on Instagram @esrigram. Map on, geogeeks!

For more fun and the coolest stuff from Esri follow us on Instagram @esrigram. Map on, geogeeks!

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