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    25 Unforgettable Faces Of GIS From Esri UC 2014

    Esri User Conference in San Diego is the largest gathering of map-nerds in the world. Check out these 25 unforgettable Humans of GIS. Also check out Esri's Flickr stream and Instagram account, @esrigram.

    1. Where geogeeks unite!

    2. Where dadcore meets mapcore.

    3. And cool glasses are a must.

    4. Our photographers will make you look like a celebrity.

    5. We really have a good time!

    6. Who has two thumbs and loves geography?

    7. We love maps!

    8. Because we're mappy!

    9. Best Hair Award

    10. Best-dressed award

    11. A map a day keeps the doctor away?

    12. Maps...they're kind of my thing.

    13. Meet geohipsters.

    14. Where geochick meets geogeek.

    15. I map, therefore I am.

    16. I'm here to party!

    17. Where geobeards unite!

    18. Seriously, there're a lot of beards here.

    19. Wear sunglasses inside.

    20. Panama! (hat)

    21. We're made up of many nations.

    22. And we solve the world's problems.

    23. Not kidding, we're everyday superheroes.

    24. We power-network.

    25. "Cool storymap, bro!"