17 Things You Can Only Do At Esri UC

It only happens once a year, and you have to be here to know what it’s all about. It’s Esri UC–the biggest geogeek event of the year!

1. Take a #UCSelfie


Your friends may be sick of seeing your selfies. But they’ve never seen your #UCSelfie so go for it. There’s cool backdrops set up around the convention center to make your selfies all the more interesting.

2. Get 37 Pieces of Flare


Collect all the Esri UC buttons. Which one is your favorite? We like the round one.

3. Become a Super Hero


Normally you’re a mild-mannered GIS pro, but here, YOU ARE the Amazing MAPGIRL!

4. See the Coolest Maps Ever!


Just stand in the Map Gallery and let it sink in. You’re part of something so profound—the infinite and limitless language of maps.

5. Buy Lots of Esri Gear


Nowhere else on Earth will you find GIS wine charms and postcards and coffee mugs and so many neato T-shirts. Get ‘em while you can.

6. Mingle in the Geolounge


Get more than someone’s coordinates. Relax and enjoy the ambiance. It’s like a GIS club.

7. Meet People Like This


Talk to the nicest, most helpful folks who just so happen to work for Esri.

8. Show Your Geo Prowess to Win


Play the Where in the World game. Guess the location of these satellite scenes and you could win a Kindle or an Xbox.

9. Watch the Ships Roll In


And then watch them roll away again… with views of the beautiful San Diego Harbor.

10. Laugh at Geo Joke, Eh Geokes?


Where else, who else, would think these are funny?

11. Meet the Big Names in GIS


Jack, Scott, Damien, Jo, Bernie, Sud, John, Dawn, Lauren. They’re all here and not just on stage. They are out and about for you to meet and greet.

12. Take Over GasLamp with 16,000 GeoGeeks!


Come nightfall, all us geogeeks hit the streets of San Diego to meet, talk, laugh, and live it up.

13. Hunt for Geobeards


GIS liked beards before they were cool.

14. Find Weird Stuff


OMG, Corgi! You never know what you’ll discover.

15. Eat Lunch from a Food Truck. Every Day.

The food trucks rally just for us. Check out Thai food, patty melts, grilled cheese, and other culinary delights cooked up in a van.

16. Meet People from Around the World Who Love Maps As Much as You Do

Geogeeks are here from every continent. Where else can you talk GIS with people from Japan, Afghanistan, Brazil, Germany, and New Zealand all in the same day?

17. Learn from the Experts

Unburden yourself from any IT woes. Seriously. Esri staff is in full force to help answer all your questions and show you how to do stuff.

Esri UC happens every summer in San Diego. Find out more at esri.com/uc.

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