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10 Dangerously Cute Zoo Babies You Need To See Right Now

Spring is a time for renewal, change, and of course these "totes adorbs" zoo babies from the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington, DC. Learn more about zoo babies on Esri's interactive zoo map here.

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10. (Not) Awkward Seal

Connor Mallon / Via

Meet Washington, DC's newest female grey seal pup. She doesn't have a name yet but don't you think "Daria" suits her well? Her favorite foods include mackerel and herring.

9. I Can Has Swim

Connor Mallon / Via

This adorable kitty is named Bandar, a Sumatran tiger cub. Believe it or not, Bandar is actually taking a swim test. The National Zoo makes sure all tiger cubs can swim in the moat separating them from zoo visitors. Is that really a good idea?

7. Something to "Fawn" Over

Dolores Reed / Via

This darling isn't a deer, but a dama gazelle from Western Africa. Like many animals in this list, dama gazelles are endangered. It is estimated that less than 500 dama gazelles exist in the wild.

6. I May Not Be Cute Now...

Via Victoria Lake

This itty-bitty bird is a Micronesian Kingfisher and is one of only 129 left in the world. Adult kingfishers don brilliant hues of orange and blue making this baby a true "swan story."

5. Invertebrates? Whatever.

Mike Henley / Via

Scientists at the National Zoo have successfully bred anemones in captivity to study the effects of climate change on marine life. Can we just get to the panda?

4. Meet the Cutest New Bear in Town

Connor Mallon / Via

Move over Pooh, sloth bear is here. The sloth bear hales from the forests of India where they typically dine on bugs and climb trees.

2. I Just Can't Wait to Be King!

Karen Abbott / Via

African lions are considered to be the world's most social felines and have a complex pride social structure. The National Zoo was lucky to receive six of these bundles of joy earlier this year.

1. OMG, Panda!

Connor Mallon / Via

Meet Bao Bao, Washington, DC's newest star. Bao Bao was born last August and is now climbing trees and snacking on bamboo. They grow up so fast. See more pictures of Bao Bao and entire zoo babies gang at

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