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    26 Things Only Women With Really Hairy Arms Will Understand

    Ban Band-Aids.

    1. You admire women who own their arm hair.

    3. But growing up you wished you had Lizzie McGuire's arms.

    Disney / Via

    4. Instead of Wolverine's.

    5. You wondered if your parents are actually gorillas.

    Brent Stirton / Getty Images

    6. Because you think you've got Chewbacca arms.

    Justin Tallis / Getty Images

    7. You're fully aware that if you're pale, your arm hair will be 100% noticeable.

    Disney Pixar / Via

    8. Same thing goes for girls with really, really dark hair.


    9. You hate it when some people—dudes, specifically—ask if you shave your arms.


    10. As if you didn't feel like Cousin Itt already...

    NBC / Via

    11. Remember that scene in Hunger Games when Katniss got her whole body waxed? You were like, "Yeah, girl, I feel you."

    Lionsgate / Via

    12. Band-Aids hurt like a bitch. Always.

    Warner Bros. / Via

    13. Accessorizing sucks because bracelets tug on your arm hair.

    Eric Parker / CC BY-NC http://2.0 / Via Flickr: ericparker

    14. You love winter because, you know, sweaters and long-sleeve shirts.

    15. And you pray for summer weather that permits you to walk outside like this:

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    16. You roll your eyes every time someone suggests that you wax your arms.

    17. Or shave because arm hair is not very "lady-like."

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    18. Then again, you've tried shaving your arms.

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    19. Only to realize it grows back thicker and longer.

    20. You kinda hate that someone's proposed this "social experiment."

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    21. But you love, love, LOVE the fact that Shailene Woodley has arm hair.

    Shailene Woodley has hairy arms and gets to kiss Theo James and Ansel Elgort. Yup I'm not shaving my arms for anyone.

    22. And Mindy Kaling.

    23. Sure, you've felt a little self-conscious here and there.

    24. Because maybe your little cousin made an "animal" joke.

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    25. But then you realize it's just arm hair and you are fucking gorgeous.

    NBC / Via

    26. Don't worry, girl. You got this.