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31 Reasons Going To School In Boston Is Actually The Greatest

No one says, "Park the car in Harvard Yard."

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1. You can walk pretty much everywhere because the city's so fucking gorgeous.

3. It feels like there are just as many bars as there are Starbucks so you're never without beer.

4. You can spend your drunken Saturday nights getting a cannoli at Mike's Pastry.

5. Or Modern Pastry—because the Shakespearean-like feud continues.

6. Flour Bakery has the most heavenly sticky buns when you need a hangover cure.

7. They pair really well with red velvet cupcakes from Sweet Bakery.

8. The Paradise Rock Club is one of the best concert venues of all time.

And tickets are usually between $20 and $30, which is so much cheaper than most stadium concerts.

9. Newbury Comics is always there when you need to get that album on vinyl.

They have great in-store appearances and autograph signings—and it's free to attend!

10. You can always catch an ~artsy~ movie at Kendall Square Cinema.

11. Or see classics like The Big Lebowski at Coolidge Corner Theatre.

12. It's a great city for art because it's got the Museum of Fine Arts...

Thanks to the University Membership Program, certain schools in Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire qualify for free admission and 10% off at the museum gift shop. Just have your student ID on you.

13. The Institute of Contemporary Art...

What's that? You don't have Thursday classes? Admission is free on Thursdays between 5 and 9 pm and $10 for students every other day of the week.

14. And the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.

Students get in for $5. Just keep in mind Sargent's Portrait of Isabella Stewart is on loan at the Met and won't be back until later this fall.

15. The Celtics and the Bruins are always kicking ass at TD Garden.

16. And Fenway Park is everyone's home away from home.

17. If you love to go thrifting, there's always "By the Pound" at the Garment District.

That's when you get 1 lb of clothes for $2. *Deep Breaths*

18. You can shop for rare books at the Brattle Book Shop.

19. Or the Harvard Book Store.

20. And your favorite Avengers are always hiding out at Comicopia.

21. You will never, ever eat a "bad" burger because places like Grass Fed exist.

22. Saus is heaven on earth because there are waffles and fries for everyone.

23. Your friends at Tufts will be your own personal WebMD's when you think you have leg cancer.

24. And your friends at MIT will reassure you when you list your vague and unscientific fears.

25. You will meet the kindest and most lovable weirdos at Emerson College.

26. And some wickedly talented artists at MassArt.

27. You'll hear beautiful music as you walk up and down Berklee's campus.

28. Maybe see a hockey game or two at Northeastern.

29. Cheer on your friend who's rowing crew at Harvard.

30. Or maybe just have a chill hangout session with your friends at Boston University's Warren Towers.

Even though you dread taking the T by way of the Green Line because it is basically a small piece of hell on earth.

31. Boston's not just big and beautiful—it's home.