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13 Uniquely Flavored Beers That Will Make You Question Everything

Why not think outside the box the next time you reach for a cold one? Like what you read here? Tune in to the Season 2 premiere of Brew Dogs, airing June 25 at 9|8c, on Esquire Network.

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1. "Dead Rise" by Flying Dog

This bad boy is flavored with Old Bay Seasoning and has "citrus hop notes and a crisp, tart finish." It's only available May - September in the mid-Atlantic, so get it while you can.

3. "Mamma Mia! Pizza Beer" by Pizza Beer Company

In order to get this quirky Italian flavor going, the first step in the brewing process is to put Margherita pizza into the mash and then steep it like a tea bag. The jury's still out on the taste, but it apparently smells like a nice marinara sauce.

5. "Crème Brûlee" by Southern Tier Brewing Company

Another high roller, the Crème Brûlee Imperial Stout comes with a 9.6% ABV label, but still retains a sweet, vanilla flavor. Rave reviews claim it tastes like drinking ice cream and that it's a great dessert beer.

7. "Avocado Honey Ale" by Island Brewing Co.

So the Avocado Honey Ale isn't actually made with straight mashed avocados. Island Brewing Company uses amber-colored, avocado-flavored honey that's produced from bees that frequent avocado orchards. It's apparently so good that it "literally has the taste of sunlight in every sip."

9. "Love Child No. 4" by Boulevard Brewing Co.

This ale includes everything but the kitchen sink. Boulevard Love Child No. 4 is a blend of "whiskey and wine barrel aged ales." It's then fermented with several different yeasts to give it a distinct flavor.

10. "Kelpie Seaweed Ale" by Williams Bros. Brewing Co.

Bernt Rostad / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: brostad

Brewed in Scotland, this kelp-a-fied spirit is a "rich dark chocolate ale, which has the aroma of a fresh Scottish sea breeze and a distinctive malty texture." It's definitely something you should try at least once.

11. "Garlic Beer" by the Garlic Farm on the Isle of Wright

Peter Trimming / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: peter-trimming

Although the smell of this beer is heavily laced with garlic, vampires of the world — fear not! The garlic taste doesn't overwhelm the senses. It should, however, be on any garlic lover's wish list.

12. "The Chief Chipotle Harvest Ale" by Whistler Brewing Company

Hints of chipotle seasoning lend a tinge of heat to The Chief Chipotle Harvest Ale. Bottom line is, this seasonal smoker from Whistler Brewing Company will leave you feeling fired up.

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