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13 Chefs That Have Serious Beef

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Bourdain called out fellow celebrity chef Paula Deen for being the "most dangerous person in America" after she was diagnosed with diabetes for her butter advocacy. Paula rebutted by throwing Anthony's fondness for smoking on his show in his face.

Questlove vs. David Chang

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Momofuku brainchild Chef David Chang started a rivalry over Twitter with Roots frontman Questlove over who had the superior fried chicken recipe. Chang then went as far as to challenge Quest to a food battle on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Chang came out on top, but still decided to put Quest's recipe on the menu at his restaurant, with all proceeds going to Food Bank for New York City.

Mario Batali vs. Gordon Ramsay

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Despite Batali owning and operating Michelin-rated The Spotted Pig in the West VIllage of New York City since 1994, Ramsay decided to trademark the same name for a future London eatery. Batali and his army of Twitter followers scored by getting the British chef to finally drop the name.

Martha Stewart vs. Rachael Ray

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Martha accused Rachael of reworking her old recipes for her upcoming cookbook. Martha also said that Rachael "can't bake" and that she's more of an "entertainer" than anything else.

Gordon Ramsay vs. Jamie Oliver

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Jamie Oliver emasculated Gordon in the press pretty badly by saying that Ramsay's wife's cookbook was far superior to her husband's and that he preferred hers every time.

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Bourdain bestowed Florence with the "Worst Career Move of the Year" award at the Golden Clog Awards ceremony to celebrate his decision to become the face of Applebee's.

Guy Fieri vs. Mario Batali

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In preparation for a then-upcoming chef competition, Batali paid a visit to Fieri-endorsed T.G.I. Friday's to get a preview of his opposition. Upon seeing the menu, Batali insulted his competitor, saying that he was "a little less than worried."

David Chang vs. Every Chef in San Francisco

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In an interview with Anthony Bourdain, Chang called out San Francisco's obsession with figs, saying, "Fuckin' every restaurant in San Francisco is just serving figs on a plate. Do something with your food." The comment caused the SF Asia society to cancel his book tour event.

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In a scathing review of Florence's appearance on Ryan Seacrest's reality show Momma's Boys, Zimmern said that Florence was the least talented chef on TV and that his cooking advice was questionable. In addition, Zimmern said it was comedic to watch Florence play the role of "local TV stud… staring at every ass that strolled by his cutting board." Florence retaliated by calling Zimmern someone who eats "dried camel cock for a living." Sheesh.

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In 2009, Sandra Lee prepared a Kwanza cake made from an assortment of store-bought ingredients. Bourdain was so disgusted that he called her concoction a "warcrime on television," saying it was the most terrifying thing he's ever seen.

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