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15 Crazy Exclusive Restaurants Around The Globe

From sushi restaurants hidden in Tokyo subway stations to master-chef hideouts tucked away in downtown LA, here are 15 exclusive restaurants from all over the world that you need a magic lamp to get a reservation at and a compass to get to. For an inside look at no. 8 check out Knife Fight, a new no frills cooking competition from Esquire Network returning Tuesday, Apr. 15 9|8c.

1. Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare - Brooklyn

2. Sukiyabashi Jiro - Ginza

3. Totoraku - Los Angeles

4. é by José Andrés - Las Vegas

5. noma - Copenhagen

6. Hudson Clearwater Restaurant- New York City

7. Tintoreria Dontell - Barcelona

8. The Gorbals - Los Angeles

9. Chef Vola’s - Atlantic City

10. The Fat Duck - Bray, Berkshire

11. Next - Chicago

12. Frenchie - Paris (duh)

13. Momofuku Ko - New York City

14. The French Laundry - Napa Valley

15. Bohemian - New York City


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