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14 Things Foodies Will Fight To The Death About

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3. Whose food blog is more "ethical."

"I know you fed Henri all organic grain from birth until you butchered him for Crock Pot Honey Garlic Chicken. But did you love him? Did. You. Love. Him."

8. Which taco truck is the most authentic in town.

"Sure, they taste great, but you have to ask yourself how they mill the corn."

9. Who's going to order for the table.


"We should start with the tartare because it transitions better to the warm escarole salad, and don't even think about the flounder because the ancho rubbed pork chop for two got way more hype on Yelp."

10. Which of the ancient grains is the most ancient.

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"No dude, Mesopotamians were using emmer to brew beer thousands of years before the Egyptians planted spelt. Geez, how do you not know this."

Prepare for culinary clashes of the highest order.

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