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11 Ways The College Football Playoff Is Just Like Your Favorite TV Drama

Playoff and chill?

1. There's plenty of action.

That's obvious.

2. There are heroes...and there are antiheroes.

Even if your defense is up against Clemson's offense, it's hard not to appreciate Deshaun Watson's versatility as a quarterback.

3. Sometimes you end up bandwagoning a team just 'cause your friends watch them.

You never thought it would happen.

4. There's plenty of romance.

Perhaps "bromance" is the right word for it. But there's a lot of it going around.

5. It's sexy as hell.

Nothing sexier than a bunch of jacked dudes walking around in spandex and running their bodies into each other over and over.

6. But it's also a complex game of strategy and one-upmanship.

A game of throws, if you will.

7. It's the perfect length for bingeing.

Considering each game takes about three-plus hours, it's a good excuse to lounge around and not do anything on New Year's Eve.

8. There's always that one minor character who ends up being super important.

Who would have thought that by hugging Michiah Quick, Ohio State receiver Noah Brown would make this amazing touchdown catch?

9. There are an insane amount of predictions on what's going to happen.

They literally hire people to come on TV and discuss their predictions week after week.

10. There are always last-minute plot twists.

Just when you think one team has the advantage for sure, all it takes is one red-zone interception to change the tides of the game.

11. Everyone at work will be talking about it.

So if you don't want any spoilers, you better watch it when it airs.

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Even if you don’t know the main characters just yet, binge on the College Football Playoff December 31 on ESPN and discover your new favorite TV drama!