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You're The President!

Congrats! A certain someone has been impeached, and now you're the president! As one of your responsibilities, you must establish your Native American policy and decide how to handle their problems. Take this quiz to find out whether your administration will be successful in alleviating the problems in Native American reservations!

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  1. Sexual abuse has been an issue on Native American reservations for centuries. How will your administration reduce cases of sexual assault?

    I will give Indian reservations criminal jurisdiction over non-Indians, allowing them to prosecute non-Indians who commit sexual assault on reservations.
    I will keep the status quo, giving the federal government authority to prosecute these criminals.
  2. Native American reservations have some of the highest crime rates in the country. How will you reduce criminality among American Indians?

    I will allow causes of crime to persist. The federal government maintain authority to indict criminals on reservations.
    I will extend the right to prosecute criminals to the tribes and prevent common causes of crime.
  3. What will you do if a tribe attempts to use their natural resources for economic gain?

    I will allow these tribes to use their natural resources and give them the ability to expand their economies free of unnecessary restrictions and regulations.
    I will promote the usage of natural resources, but I will put strict regulations in place to slow their economic development.
  4. Native Americans are currently not allowed to levy property taxes. Will you give them the right to do so?

    No. As part of the trustee system, Native Americans should not be able to levy property taxes.
    Yes. As Americans, these tribes should be given the right to levy taxes, allowing them to expand their economies.
  5. Will your administration increase their intervention in Native American affairs or will you give them more sovereignty in handling their problems?

    The government will continue to interfere in Native American affairs. It is the only way to alleviate the problems currently impacting these reservations.
    The government will increase their intervention in Native American affairs. We must establish our power over reservations and control their economic progress and social issues.
    The government will decrease their presence in Native American affairs. This will allow tribes to handle their problems more independently, free of unnecessary regulations and restrictions on their economic growth and social advancement.

You're The President!

You got: You'll fail.

By intervening too much in Native American affairs, you will prevent these tribes from handling their socioeconomic issues.

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You got: You'll succeed!

By allowing Native American tribes the sovereignty to handle their own issues, you will give them the opportunity to improve their socioeconomic conditions.

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