Ryan Hemsworth Is Canada’s New Ryan Gosling

Yeah, I just went there.

1. He’s cute.

3. He’s talented.

4. He makes really great remixes.

5. He’s a little weird but in a super adorable way.

7. So. Very. Cute.

8. He’s funny and insightful.

9. Like very funny.

10. He’s amazing live.

14. He’s actually fashionable.

15. His first solo album is incredible.

17. Even more amazing remixes.

18. This is his Twitter bio.

19. Follow him, he’s hilarious.

22. That face though.

23. and this one.

24. And this one too.

25. This face too.

26. Even this face.

27. This video.

31. He likes puppies.

32. <3 <3 <3

34. 100% grade A bae

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