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The Improper Pig

The Improper Pig is located in the South Park area of Charlotte, NC. The Improper Pig specializes in a mix between Korean food and barbecue.

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When you enter The Improper Pig you get a feeling of you just walked into a five star restaurant, but also a laid back feeling. The expo line, is really open and allows you to see the chefs as they make your meal, and while the area is lit up nicely, other parts of the restaurant where you actually sat down and ate were not as lit up...but still made you feel at home.

Also, I haven't talked about this yet on any of my blogs because honestly no one gave me such a memorial experience as this restaurant. Our server's name was Daniel and he was phenomenal, he kept us laughing and really made our first time there absolutely fantastic. I even took the time to leave him a note on the back of the receipt telling him how awesome I thought he was!


As an app we got the Improper Nachos, and we added pork. These nachos don't just come on regular tortilla chips but on house chips, with pimento cheese and scallions. And we all drizzled our own choice of barbeque sauce on it because on the table was a little buddle of sauces. For the nachos, I wasn't too big of a fan. I would have preferred regular tortilla chips than house chips, and I thought the cheese was super overpowering. The pork however was amazing!

For my meal, I chose the one meat and two sides option... For meat I chose pork and for my side I chose baked beans and mac and cheese. I have no complaints about this meal, it was huge and left me with plenty to eat for lunch the next day.


Overall I would rate this place a 9/10. I really enjoyed myself and I think our server had a big hand in that. The only reason I took off a point is because I felt like this place offered the same bbq meal I could get anywhere else, of course maybe it's just what I picked out to eat.

If you are interested in watching the episode of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives that The Improper Pig was on you can find that below (this restaurant is at 15:06)

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