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JJ's Red Hots

Specializes in hot dogs, but you can also find chicken fingers on the menu. There are multiple different locations of JJ's in Charlotte, but the one I went to is located in the Ballantyne part of Charlotte.

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I went to JJ's Red Hots in the afternoon on a Tuesday, surprisingly the place was almost completely empty except for a few straglers at the bar. That's right, they have a bar. JJ's has a very open set up, with seating at tables, the bar, or the patio outside.


There are so many different hot dog options on the menu, most of them were way too exquisite for my taste buds...but hey, you might like them. In fact, there was almost something on every hot dog creation that I didn't like, so I decided to build my own. (The picture, shows my own hot dog creation.) On my hot dog, I put queso, bacon, and borracho beans. As you can see they are quite generous with the toppings.

When I took the first bite, I pretty much only got hot dog and no toppings, because they were all falling off. So I was disappointed in that, and then I had the second bite, which was everything all in one. On the second bite I though, eh I guess it's alright. I had already made my mind up, that is was okay, and yeah I would come back... but it wasn't what it was hyped up to be.

But somewhere between the second bite and the rest of the hot dog, my mind completely changed, I actually contemplated getting a second one (about 4 times actually). The hot dog completely won me over! The french fries however, were a complete miss for me. They tasted like homemade frozen bag fries, not like the delicious fast food fries I was expecting them to taste like.


I also wanted to tell you guys about their weekly specials. Just my luck, I went on Tuesday and was able to get the $2 hot dog deal. However, they also offer kids eat free on Wednesday. And sausage Sunday, which is $3 house made sausages. Below you can also look at their menu.


Overall, I would give JJ's Red Hots a 9. The hot dog was so great I considered buying another, and the next day I considered going back for another as well. The fries however were a big miss which is why I docked a point. I will definitely be back to JJ's for more!

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