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FuD At Salud

"FūD at Salud is about putting creative spins on classic sandwiches. We use local, fresh ingredients delivered daily. Eat beer" is the way they describe themselves on Facebook. FuD at Salud, is actually new to the Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives family....the episode actually just aired on TV last week. Located in the NoDa area of Charlotte, they couldn't be more accurate about creative spins on sandwiches.

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One of my least favorite things about NoDa is the parking, there's never any. So you have to find a parking deck of some sort, and pay to park. For this visit, I spent $4, for maybe 45 minutes of parking..which I suppose isn't a lot but for 45 minutes it's kind of steep. The inside of the restaurant was like any other restaurant you'd expect to find in NoDa, artsy and one of a kind. For Fud at Salud what made them stand out is that they had plates of a lot of different breweries covering their lime green walls.

Below is a picture of my friend Kiersten, and a better image of the plates on the wall


We started off with the Nachos no Libre, and added some chili for an extra $2.. I mean you can't really have nachos without meat right? It was a good investment. Also on the nachos is beer cheese, corn salsa, and jalapenos. I thought it was pretty creative of them to add beer cheese on the nachos, I've never seen anyone do that before. And for only $5 they really give you a lot of chips, and a ton of toppings.

For my meal I chose to go with the "Chicken and Waffle", in fact this is the whole reason the restaurant was featured on the show. At the register they have a count of how many Chicken and Waffle sandwiches they've sold since 2015 (the stores opening). I thought that was pretty cool. The chicken and waffle is chicken salad, walnuts, bacon, and syrup held together by two waffles. That's pretty much the most insane thing I've ever heard of, and as a major chicken salad fan I was pretty excited. But actually, I was a little disappointed. It was okay, but I guess I expected it to be a little better than it was.

You can find there website below in order to access the menu:


Overall, I would rate this place a 7. I wish parking was better as a starter, I am really not a big fan of parking downtown so I actually wish they were located in a different area. I also took off points because I was really thinking this place was going to be a lot better than it was, I expected to like the waffle chicken salad much more. And so I found that really disappointing. I would consider this place, as somewhere I would come back to but only if I was in the area. I don't think I would ever choose to drive back 25 minutes for it. (I included a photo of Guy's signature on the walls, to show that he had been there)

Unfortunately because the episode is so new it is not on YouTube for me to show you. However, below you can find an interview about Fud at Salud:

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