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Get Schooled: How To Improve Your #LoveGame According To Marketing Professors

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Finding your better half is not an easy task, especially with Valentine's Day coming up and putting even more pressure on you. So, for all you #ForeverAlone’s out there, we asked some of the marketing and strategy professors from ESCP Europe, Madrid Campus, to create together with us the ultimate, fail proof, guide to conquer your crush. Enjoy!


It all starts with a plan, right? Here are some pro tips on how you can start setting your base strategy:


Project starts: February 8th

Project deadline: February 14th

Objective: Find the right person to spend a wonderful Valentine’s Day

Time left: 7 days… and counting!

Professor of Project Management

Looking at the “market” might be a bit complex, but stay strong my friend. Understanding and segmenting your target is key.


Lovers can be segmented observing their physiological reactions. Biological metrics can underline the cocktail of chemicals that are released. KEEP IT SIMPLE, a segmentation based on the level of euphoria and lack of judgement can also be relevant!

Professor of Consumer Insights

Just like brands do, you should also differentiate yourself from others and have a clear offer. Here is a killing value proposition:


For the man/woman on my dreams, I am the woman/man which will make you feel you can't live without, because I cook really well, love conversation and I will make you laugh everyday. If you share your life with me, you will feel that you have the need to always come back for more. ;)

Professor of Brand Building

We live in a Digital world! Here is everything you need to know on how to cause a good impression on Social Media. Oh, and what about dating apps? Are they the way to go?


Social media is about a representation of our desired and aspirational self. However, it would be an issue for face-to-face communication to present a substantially different version of you, so remember to be yourself even when you are trying to showcase your "better" self.

Should you surrender to the temptation of using dating apps? If you have a hectic and busy lifestyle, these apps can be really helpful! Be careful though, if you are one of that type of person that has trouble saying NO to others, you could find yourself in a tough spot. Just like everywhere else, dating apps are full of weirdos and fake promises. So prepare yourselves before diving in and have fun!

Professor of Social Media.

Be creative and original. An impactful first impression can do magic.


Guideline #1: Before the impactful first approach, choose wisely how you gonna deliver it. Just forget about billboards, letters or cards. They are too old fashion.

If you are really desperate, try putting together an epic Flash Mob!

Guideline #2: Don't forget to wrap up with a nice storytelling approach. Just don't be too melodramatic.

Guideline #3: Could the budget be a problem? No! When it comes to love, is all in or nothing.

Professor of Creativity in Advertising.

And how can I spread the message around? You might ask...


Be sure of multiply and vary the contact points: seeing the person regularly and sending your message in different manners. Moreover, consistency in the message sent is key: I do not recommend to blow hot and cold. Anyway, in this game, the best is certainly not to think too much and to be honest.

Professor of 360 Communication

Conquering your loved one is not an easy task, and is only the first part of the process. Here are some important takeaways for a sustainable relationship.


1- Understand that your loved one cannot fully understand you, and vice versa.

2- Improve the communication and the empathy within the couple.

3- Accept difficulties and routine as part of the journey.

Professor of Personal Development

And that's all folks. If you put into practice all the wisdom shown here you have a pretty good chance of being successful. Now go out there and work it!

Happy Valentines Day!Share #ESCPEuropeLove

Happy Valentines Day!
Share #ESCPEuropeLove

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