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8 Ways Your Digital Skills Will Get You A Valentine

How ESCP Europe and its MSc in Marketing and Digital Media can help you improve your digital skills in ways that will finally get you a Valentine for Valentine's Day!


2. You learn how to Photoshop your pictures / Via

Okay, okay, we’ve all suffered that painful blind date where the other person looked nothing like their picture. We don’t want that, but a little enhancement of your profile picture won’t hurt anyone, right? Studying marketing, you’ll learn how to bring out your natural beauty to get that right swipe.

3. You become a Google Adwords Pro

Why flirt at the bookstore when you can advertise yourself online? With a MSc in Marketing and Digital Media, you’ll become a pro in Google Adwords, and will find yourself that special Valentine from the comfort of your home, with a simple click!

4. You start thinking out of the box / Via

Let’s be honest, you won't get your ultimate crush's attention with dinner and a movie. As a marketer, you will live off of creativity, which means tons of fun ideas for Valentine’s Day cards, dates, etc, to get you more than a kiss on his/her front doorstep.

5. You learn to sell yourself

You’ll learn how to sell anything to anyone. You name it, be it an avocado peeler, a 30 day trial to learn chinese or dog food (even though you do not own a dog), we can give you the reason why you need it. At ESCP's marketing master, you will learn how to find a thousand and one reasons for that special someone to go on a date with you.

6. You learn to listen to others / Via

As a marketeer, you have to learn how to listen to clients and their demands for hours on end, and then discern what they really want. So darling, with you as lover they’ll always find an attentive ear.

7. You become Social Media obsessed / Via

As a Digital Marketing student, you’ll pretty much become Social Media obsessed (if you weren’t already). You’ll be able to make your posts and pics more likeable, shareable, and generally more appealing.

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