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9 Reasons Why Business School Is Better Than Tinder

Seriously. It Really Is. #ESCPEUROPELOVE

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1. Networking events have a better outcome than speed-dating.

2. A perfect elevator pitch will surely get you a date or two.


3. Enough sleep deprivation will make anyone seem attractive.

4. Everyone is required to be very open...minded

5. After being crushed by exams, any pick-up line will help your self-esteem.

6. Three words: GUYS IN SUITS

7. Who needs Superlikes when you can get LinkedIn endorsements...

8. Who doesn’t enjoy a group work with last Friday's flirt? ;)

9. Again: GUYS IN SUITS!!

10. #ESCPlove

Come see how we do it in Madrid #ESCPEUROPELOVE

Come see how we do it in Madrid #ESCPEUROPELOVE

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