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Explore A New World In The Sci Fi Short: Seam

When entertainment changes to a global view, the window of opportunity widens as we have new ways of seeing things to create and explore. Rajeev and Elan Dassani do this in their first look at their proposed feature film, Seam.

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Seam: Teaser Trailer

The short film stars Oded Fehr (The Mummy,"24:Legacy" and Jordanian actress, Rahkeen Saad. The two actors do a stellar job of telling the story of a man who discovers his wife is a sleeper, a living bomb, from a time when war ravaged the land. It is up to him to get his wife to safety, beyond the border, before it is too late.

Seam the movie / Via Facebook: seamfilm
Seam the Movie / Via Facebook: seamfilm

The film used various locations in China and the Middle East and was dubbed in English, Arabic and Mandarin. I was blown away by the incredible visual effects and even though I was not able to really understand what they were saying (i don't read captions well). I could not stop watching. It is rare for a foreign movie to hit mainstream but this one has a great chance. The story is universal and some heavy hitting action make it a favorite for action and sci fi fans.

Seam the Movie / Via Facebook: seamfilm

You can learn more about the film and the characters here at the film's website.

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