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    25 Reasons To Come To Kyrgyzstan

    Kyrgyzstan is a small country in Central Asia but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t an interesting place for tourists. The most area of Kyrgyzstan is mountains this why Kyrgyzstan has only 7 big cities. Kyrgyzstan has gorgeous nature, many historical monuments, special culture and traditions. Here are 25 reasons to come to Kyrgyzstan. You can...

    1. Go horse riding

    2. Visit museums and enjoy soviet union buildings in Bishkek.

    Kyrgyz International University (Chuy-Manasa)

    3. Spend a day in yurt - Kyrgyz national house.

    4. Visit Burana tower - 9th century building.

    Via, Via

    Burana has long and interesting history which will definitely amaze you.

    5. Go to Jeti Oguz canyon.

    6. Have a nice time at Issyk-Kul lake.

    7. Go to very historical city called Karakol and see its historical houses: Dungan mosque, Orthodox church built without a nail. There are many old charming houses.

    8. Ski at nearby ski resort.


    The ski resort is also called Karakol and it is extremely beautiful place, not just for skiing or snowboarding but also hiking and paragliding.

    9. Learn about local people’s traditions and culture.


    10. Go hiking in Ala-Archa.

    11. Feel history in Tash-Rabat.

    12. Visit Kyrgyzstan’s most beautiful lake - Sary Chelek.

    13. Visit Frunze museum


    This museum is interesting because it shows history of Kyrgyzstan and has a lot of original things that people of that time used. For example: clothes, books and even a whole original house where M.V. Frunze lived.

    14. Visit South-East Issyk-Kull coast holly place - Manjyly-Ata

    15. Go to Turaa-Suu - place with many ancient petroglyphs.

    16. Go hiking in Skazka (Fairy Tale) Canyon

    17. Go to World Nomad Games.

    18. Hike to Ala-Kol - gorgeous blue lake in Karakol valley.

    19. Observe eagles or even go hunting with an eagle just like Kyrgyz nomad.

    Asher Svidensky / Caters News Agency / Via

    20. Try national dishes - extremely delicious and redolent food.

    21. Visit Osh - Kyrgyzstan’s second biggest city.


    22. Observe Sulayman-Too - holy historical place + visit the inside cave museum

    23. Listen to Komuz - national music instrument.

    24. Learn about Kurmanjan Datka - strong, clever woman who rose from regular people to politician of 17th century and protected Kyrgyz people from war.


    25. Dig deeper into Kyrgyz fairy tales and legends - you will be very interested about this country’s past.

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