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    Allen Stone Played In A Cave In The Middle Of Nowhere Tennessee


    Allen Stone Performed In A Cave And It Was Beautiful

    Deep in McMinnville, Tennessee, there lies the Cumberland Caverns–one of the longest caves in the world (32 miles). There is more to the cavern than a nature exhibit and exploration. This cavern also happens to be a concert venue and it is the coolest venue you will ever go to. The unbelievably talented (and very eccentric) Allen Stone played at the caverns and it was a show for the books.

    If you have never seen Allen Stone perform, you are missing out on an entertaining night. He knows how to entertain the audience between songs with really funny stories and jokes, while staying genuine. Stone never needed to bring out flashy lights and fireworks to keep the audience engaged. All he had to do was keep a genuine, eccentric manner and be himself.

    Allen was joined by an additional male and female singer as well as his drummer. He also had guest appearances by other artists from the Nashville area. In addition to the nostalgia, the cave and the acoustics it created gave an added boost in the sound quality.

    Allen Stone is a brilliant artist and was born to entertain the masses live. If you have the opportunity to attend an Allen Stone show, do not miss it. You will be fully engaged and entertained all night.