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    • erubymoon

      Our two cats, Maxie and Tinka, were pretty good friends and groomed each other and played with each other and Tinka gradually became slow in his old age. I have pictures of them with their arms wrapped around each other. They both slept on the bed with me so that each one could feel my body all night long. When Tinka eventually died, Maxie would not eat another thing. And he would not drink a drop of water, even when I put a drop of water on his tongue with my finger. He was so sad and so broken-hearted that he starved himself to death and he went to join Tinka two weeks later. And he was a young one. Such love and devotion.

    • erubymoon

      One more time: “God“‘s presence among “his” people destroying them in “his” name. Really, you gotta be a freakin’ moron to pay any mind to this, or any, “god”. You know how people say “Well, I respect you for your religion, but I am an atheist”? Well, I don’t respect you for your religion. I don’t respect anyone who has a belief in this thing that wreaks destruction, chaos, harm, absurdity, suppression of human rights, murder of their own children, life in prison for personal sexual activity, unfettered child molestation, regulates a person’s thinking, operates on fear and straight up denies the truth of science. I just don’t respect you. I don’t care if you tell me that people of religion do good in the world because people who think religion is evil also do good in the world. They do it because they are good people, not because they are afraid of punishment if they don’t. So yeah, I don’t respect you because you believe in religion, which is evil. I don’t respect you because you see what evil religion does and you still believe in it. And I don’t care if you don’t respect my views. In fact, you would be incapable of respecting my views because you can’t respect your fellow man at all. You prove that by thinking man is useless on his own and can’t possibly function without the help of some magic fairy you call “God”.

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