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Ridiculously Unnecessary Fashion Accessories For Every Meal

You are what you eat. Now, you can pay a fortune to wear what you eat.

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Let's start off with a basic breakfast.


Angry yet? It's time for a Ronald McDonald-inspired lunch.


Moschino offers a Happy Meal for only $1,050.

Luisa Via Roma / Via|SeasonId=60I&CollectionId=ANQ&ItemId=4&SeasonMemoCode=actual&GenderMemoCode=women&CategoryId=&SubLineId=bags&PID=4441350&AID=10763917&utm_source=CommissionJunction

And don't forget to drink up with this $895 bag!

Luisa Via Roma / Via|SeasonId=60I&CollectionId=ANQ&ItemId=3&VendorColorId=MzAwMg2&SeasonMemoCode=actual&GenderMemoCode=women&Language=&CountryId=&SubLineMemoCode=&CategoryId=0&ItemRes

For dinner, we're having Chinese food.

Side note: remember this song?

Finally, it's dessert time.


Man, that was one expensive meal.

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